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Personal Review of Kroger Adult Diapers

It never crossed my mind that one day I would be having a discussion with a doctor concerning my incontinence issues and that I would need to wear an Adult Diaper. But that discussion did happen to me at the age of 57. In July of 2006 I was diagnosed with Prostrate Cancer, and told that I needed surgery. I had been a healthy athletic male all of my life, and to be told I needed cancer surgery was devastating. When the doctor talked to me about the surgery, I paid close attention to all of the specifics, and I remember him saying “Oh by the way you could experience some incontinence issues following the surgery”. At the time I never gave the incontinence issues a thought, after all I was a guy that had been in competitive sports all my life, had run in 9 Hood to Coast races, one marathon, played golf at least twice a week, and snow skied 30 times a season. I thought to myself that I would over come the incontinence issues and master that problem like I had every other athletic obstacle in my life. Well, I was wrong. The successful surgery came and went, but the incontinence issues have stayed with me now for over three years.

I think for me I never thought twice about wearing the Pad, Guard, Depend, Adult Diaper or what ever you want to call this item. I knew I needed it and was going to have to live with it, so I better make the best of it. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing fun or exciting about wearing an adult diaper, but you go forward with the cards you were given.

After my surgery, I first used a product called “Kroger Guards for Men”. My first thoughts of the product was, “these look nice and are comfortable”. The product was soft with ruffled edges. It also looked large enough to absorb as much liquid without spilling over and causing me an embarrassing moment. I can remember thinking at the time that an embarrassing moment was my biggest concern, not comfort. The Kroger Guards fit well, was comfortable, and dependable for long periods of time. In two years of using the Kroger Guards, I never experienced the embarrassing moment in public due to leaks. Don’t get me wrong, I never forget that I am wearing a guard, but I have accepted it and have learned to live with it.

As I said before, I am a very active person and I have found out that the more active one is the more often you have to change your guard. In order to change guards, I am always having to carry a spare guard in my back pocket of my pants. Because the Kroger Guards were large, the guard would be noticeable in my back pockets. That really didn’t bother me, but I started hearing my wife say “push the pad down into your back pocket”. When it finally came to some of my friends telling me the same thing, I felt I needed to look at making a change.

That is when I was introduced to the product called “Depend Guards for Men”. I found out right away that the guard worked just as well, felt just as good, and fit into my back pocket of my pants much easier. The Depend pad is smaller but is just as absorbent as the larger Kroger pad.

Wearing a pad for my incontinence is just part of my life now. I run three or four times a week, play golf during the spring and summer almost everyday, and ski during the winter months all the time wearing a Depend Guard to help deal with my incontinence. Being incontinent has not slowed me down, it is just something that I have had to add to my daily “Things To Do List”. I always carry an extra pad in my running bag, in my golf bag, in my ski bag and in the pair of pants I am wearing for the day.

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