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Adult Diapers For beginners

Finding the right incontinence diaper for you is quite an easy and a pain free process. Simply go to your nearest pharmacy or supermarket and try out the brands. You can easily purchase adult incontinence diapers. A couple well known brands are Attends and Depends. When you purchase your first bag of incontinence diapers you will notice they have a lot of similarities with regular briefs. The incontinence diapers will fit similarly to briefs and give you the added protection you need. Attends and Depends are just two of the big name brands out there in the adult disposable diapers market. Once you have found your exact size and found that they are working for you, the choices on the market are endless. It is a good idea to try a few different brands in your price range to find the exact fit for you and your lifestyle. There are also many types of mail order incontinence diapers available on the market which are marketed and designed by actual incontinence diaper wearers themselves, so shop around, there are many choices out there.

If you find yourself embarrassed about visiting your local supermarket to buy incontinence supplies. It is also amazingly easy to purchase adult pampers online. Some of us are still a little uneasy about conceding the fact that we do need assistance with our incontinence and may bump into someone we know in the supermarket check-out line with our adult briefs. If this is the case you can always try a supermarket far away from your usual haunts or simply hop online to purchase your incontinence diapers with confidence. In these days, online buying, especially for incontinence diapers, is a simple, headache free process that will not only save you blushes if you are still a little embarrassed but can be a simple click- and-deliver process if you have trouble leaving the house. Buying incontinence diapers with one click is extremely easy and you will find them delivered at your doorstep in days with no hassle.

We recommend that when you decide to purchase your first bag of incontinence diapers that you try out the mainstream brands such as Attends, Depends, or Tena. These mainstream incontinence diapers are readily available both in your supermarket and online and can normally be purchased for as little as seventy five cents per diaper, as opposed to the more specialized, custom fit incontinence diapers which can start from one dollar twenty five cents and up per diaper.

When you are first trying out the commercial incontinence diapers, it is important to study the size that is right for you. Size “Medium” will fit most people comfortably and provide great protection. It is important to remember that by selecting size “large” does not guarantee you will get more protection. The most important thing to remember is that the tape around the incontinence diaper fits snugly around your waist and you feel secure.

How to Fit Diapers for Adults

When you buy your first pack of incontinence diapers trying them on in the comfort of your own home is probably the first thing you will do. Putting on a incontinence diaper can easily be done lying down, it can also be put on like any type of briefs or underpants simply standing up. Take the adult pampers out of the bag and unfold. You will notice that most if not all diapers are come out of the package with the outer side facing outwards. The tape part of the diaper, which will secure around your waist, will be located on the back portion of the diaper. All in all it will be super easy to get them on, if you find they are too big or small you have not wasted much time or money as this is still the “trying” phase. Once you have located the correct sides of the incontinence diaper, simply slip them on and make sure the adult incontinence diaper matches with good comfort. Once you have the correct position of the front and back of the incontinence diaper and they match you can stick the tape on and secure. Leave a little room, generally an inch, so that you can easily sit down, bend over or perform a free range of motion without compromising comfort or performance. Some diapers may have middle tape for extra security; secure them as the last step.

That inch or so of space is important to remember as you do not want your circulation cut off by the diaper nor do you want it to fall off easily so it is great to experiment with sizing. Make sure you try them out by sitting down, standing up and moving your body as you would during a full day to find out what works for you.

Here is a tip if you’re worried about adult diaper rash or have sensitive skin, now is the time to apply corn starch or talcum powder your inner legs and the diaper and around the waist band area, but make sure you do this last. You will get the hang of fastening the incontinence diapers on very quickly and you will be accustomed to your level of comfort with ease following these steps.

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3 Responses for “Adult Diapers For beginners”

  1. Daniel says:

    Do you offer free samples of adult diapers?

  2. admin says:

    We currently do not offer samples but we will keep that in mind. That would be very helpful to our readers.


  3. Kris says:

    It is a good thing to know that before buying your incontinence supplies, it is a very good idea to try out the many different brands. Most companies that produce these products will send you a sample if you contact them directly. They are as interested in selling them to you, as you are about trying and seeing if they will work for you. The best way I have found to get some of these samples is to do a google search and then pick out a couple of brands, and give the companies a call.

    Finding the right product for your particular level of need may be a stressful times, as some products may not stand up to issue. while others may be too much for you, and the cost of buying a bag of diapers, only to find they do not do what you need them to do. So do your research before you buy.

    A few companies have been requested to provide a “designer” diaper, and have developed some very efficient adult diaper designs, granted they are a bit more expensive but, when you factor in the cost of multiple briefs doing the job that one can do sometimes the more expensive brief/diaper will be more cost efficient. These diapers such as Bambino.com , or ABuniverse.com, generally do not offer samples.

    Some good sites that do supply samples are:

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